Updates the current channel version to the most recent

Usage: fvm update [OPTIONS]

      --registry <REGISTRY>  Registry used to fetch Fluvio Versions [env: HUB_REGISTRY_URL=] [default: https://hub.infinyon.cloud]
  -h, --help                 Print help


$ fvm update
info: Updating fluvio stable to version 0.11.1. Current version is 0.11.0.
info: Downloading (1/5): fluvio@0.11.1
info: Downloading (2/5): fluvio-cloud@0.2.15
info: Downloading (3/5): fluvio-run@0.11.1
info: Downloading (4/5): cdk@0.11.1
info: Downloading (5/5): smdk@0.11.1
done: Installed fluvio version 0.11.1
done: Now using fluvio version 0.11.1