Switch version
Set a installed Fluvio Version as active

Usage: fvm switch [VERSION]

  [VERSION]  Version to set as active

  -h, --help  Print help

Supported release channels

There are 3 channels for users to use.



This is the most recent release, and the default channel installed.

To switch to the stable channel:

$ fvm switch stable


This is the most recent commit to the master branch

To switch to the latest channel:

$ fvm switch latest 

The first time you switch to this channel, the binary will be downloaded.



This is a specific version.

To switch to a version channel, you need to create it first.

At this step the binary will get downloaded.

$ fvm install X.Y.Z 

Then you can switch to the version channel

$ fvm switch X.Y.Z 

Where X.Y.Z is the version of a release you want to switch to (e.g. 0.9.18)