Custom Resource Definitions

The fluvio-sys chart installs the CRDs. This chart can be found in the fluvio repo at fluvio/k8-util/helm/fluvio-sys


SPU Group
Field Type Description
spec.replicas integer Number of replicas
spec.minId integer Minimum ID in group
spec.template.spec.rack string Rack name
spec.template.spec.publicEndpoint.port integer Port of public endpoint
spec.template.spec.publicEndpoint.encryption string PLAINTEXT or SSL
spec.template.spec.privateEndpoint.port integer Port of private endpoint
spec.template.spec.privateEndpoint.encryption string PLAINTEXT or SSL
spec.template.spec.replication.inSyncReplicaMin integer Minimum number of in-sync replicas integer Path to data directory integer Storage size
spec.template.spec.env[].name integer Environment variable name
spec.template.spec.env[].value integer Environment variable value

Field Type Description
spec.spuId string ID of SPU
spec.spuType string Custom or Managed
spec.rack string Rack name
spec.publicEndpoint.ingress[].ip string IP address of public endpoint
spec.publicEndpoint.ingress[].hostname string Hostname of public endpoint
spec.publicEndpoint.port integer Port of public endpoint
spec.publicEndpoint.encryption string PLAINTEXT or SSL string Hostname of private endpoint
spec.privateEndpoint.port integer Port of private endpoint
spec.privateEndpoint.encryption string PLAINTEXT or SSL
status.resolution string SPU status

Field Type Description
spec.type string Type of topic
spec.partitions integer Partitions count
spec.replicationFactor integer Replication count
spec.ignoreRackAssignment boolean Ignore rack assignment
spec.customReplicaAssignment[] integer Partition ID
spec.customReplicaAssignment[].partition.replicas integer Number of replicas
status.resolution string Topic status

Field Type Description
spec.leader integer Leader SPU ID
spec.replicas[].items integer Followers
status.resolution string Partition status
status.isBeingDeleted boolean Being deleted
status.lsr integer Live Replicas
status.leader.hw integer Leader High Watermark
status.leader.leo integer Leader End Offset
status.replicas integer Follower Offsets