Install a Fluvio Version

Usage: fvm install [OPTIONS] [VERSION]

  [VERSION]  Version to install: stable, latest, or named-version x.y.z [default: stable]

      --registry <REGISTRY>  Registry used to fetch Fluvio Versions [env: HUB_REGISTRY_URL=] [default:]
  -h, --help                 Print help

The following command will install fvm, and the rest of the fluvio development toolchain.

$ curl -fsS | bash

fvm will be installed at ~/.fvm/bin, and will install fluvio and the rest of the development tools at ~/.fluvio/bin.

You will need to add these directories to your shell’s PATH environment variable.

$ echo 'export PATH="${HOME}/.fvm/bin:${HOME}/.fluvio/bin:${PATH}"' >> ~/.bashrc
$ echo 'export PATH="${HOME}/.fvm/bin:${HOME}/.fluvio/bin:${PATH}"' >> ~/.zshrc
$ fish_add_path ~/.fluvio/bin ~/.fvm/bin

Example output

$ curl -fsS | bash

☁️  Downloading fluvio version manager, fvm
   target arch aarch64-apple-darwin
⬇️ Installing fvm
done: FVM installed successfully at /Users/telant/.fvm
help: Add FVM to PATH using source $HOME/.fvm/env
fluvio install dir /Users/$USER/.fluvio
If version of fluvio is already installed, you can run 'fvm install' or 'fvm switch' to change versions
☁️ Installing fluvio
info: Downloading (1/5): fluvio@0.11.0
info: Downloading (2/5): fluvio-cloud@0.2.15
info: Downloading (3/5): fluvio-run@0.11.0
info: Downloading (4/5): cdk@0.11.0
info: Downloading (5/5): smdk@0.11.0
done: Installed fluvio version 0.11.0
done: Now using fluvio version 0.11.0
🎉 Install complete!
fluvio: 💡 You'll need to add '~/.fvm/bin' and ~/.fluvio/bin/' to your PATH variable
fluvio:     You can run the following to set your PATH on shell startup:
fluvio:       echo 'export PATH="${HOME}/.fvm/bin:${HOME}/.fluvio/bin:${PATH}"' >> ~/.zshrc