Fluvio Cloud

Fluvio Cloud is the fastest and easiest way to get started with Fluvio. We’ll walk you through the steps of creating a free account and connecting to it with a Fluvio client.

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Install Fluvio CLI

The Fluvio CLI (command-line interface) is an all-in-one tool for setting up, managing, and interacting with Fluvio clusters.

Install the Fluvio CLI by running the following command:

curl -fsS https://packages.fluvio.io/v1/install.sh | bash

Creating a Fluvio Cloud account

Head on over to the Fluvio Cloud signup page to create an account.

Fluvio Cloud signup

After filling out the form, you’ll be greeted with a success message telling you to verify your email. You’ll need to complete this step in order to continue.

Fluvio Cloud verification

You should get a confirmation that your account is ready to use

Fluvio Cloud confirmation

At this point, we can log in via the Fluvio CLI and start sending and receiving messages to your Fluvio cluster. To log in with the CLI, you’ll need to run the fluvio cloud login command, then type in your email and password when prompted.

$ fluvio cloud login
Fluvio Cloud email: batman@justiceleague.com

You’ll be able to tell that everything worked if your current profile is set to cloud. You can check with this command:

$ fluvio profile current

If you installed fluvio locally it will be listed alongside cloud:

$ fluvio profile view
    PROFILE       CLUSTER       ADDRESS                          TLS 
    local         local         localhost:9003                   Disabled 
 *  cloud         cloud         router.cloud.fluvio.io:9003      Verified