This Week in Fluvio #25

Mar 17, 2022

This Week in Fluvio is our weekly newsletter for development updates to Fluvio open source.

Fluvio is a distributed, programmable streaming platform written in Rust.


New release


New features

  • Compression support (#2082)
  • Disk usage visibility in CLI via Size field added to the output of fluvio partition list (#2148)
  • Add support for partial CA Intermediate Trust Anchors (#2232)

Performance improvements

  • Make store time out configurable for cluster startup (#2212)
  • Optimize partition size computation (#2230)

Bug fixes

  • Fix Installer problem with self-signed certs (#2216)
  • Report SPU error codes to FutureRecordMetadata (#2228)


  • Data generator support for fluvio-test (#2237)

Recent events

  • Our CTO Sehyo Chang was on Data Engineer’s lunch episode #58 where he introduced Fluvio, gave a short demo of streaming data transformation using the CLI and SmartModules, and concluded with a Q&A.

Upcoming events

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