This Week in Fluvio #19

Jan 12, 2022

Welcome to This Week in Fluvio, our weekly newsletter for development updates to Fluvio open source. Fluvio is a distributed, programmable streaming platform written in Rust.


New Release - Fluvio v0.9.17


Tune configuration defaults to Producer auto-batching

This is a small change to the default auto-batching producer configuration linger and batch size.

  • Linger time was set to 250ms but now it is 100ms.
  • Batch size was 16000 but now is 16384 (That’s 214)

If you want to configure your producer to something other than the defaults, you can set a different value for your producer when you create the config.

Example of auto-batching producer w/ linger of 1 second and a batch size of 100 bytes.

let fluvio_client = Fluvio::connect().await?;
let config = TopicProducerConfigBuilder::default()
    .expect("failed to build config");

let producer: TopicProducer = fluvio_client 
    .topic_producer_with_config(topic, config)

CLI consumer output change

This is a fix to the CLI consumer using the --format output feature. Due to the default behavior of handlebars, the templating engine we use for custom formatting on the CLI, we were unintentionally HTML escaping record data. But that is not longer the behavior.


# Fluvio v0.9.16 and older
$ fluvio consume twif19 --format "{{offset}} {{value}}" -B -d
Consuming records from the beginning of topic 'twif19'
0 {"examplekey":"examplevalue"}


# Fluvio v0.9.17+
$ fluvio consume twif19 --format "{{offset}} {{value}}" -B -d
Consuming records from the beginning of topic 'twif19'
0 {"examplekey":"examplevalue"}

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