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InfinyOn Cloud Overview

InfinyOn Cloud is managed through the Fluvio CLI via the fluvio-cloud plugin distributed by default by the installation script.


Use Fluvio CLI to login into your Cloud account and retrieve a unique profile that allows you to communicate with your environment securely.


fluvio cloud login

Run this command to log into InfinyOn Cloud.

You log in with either username and password or Oauth2.

$ fluvio cloud login -h
Log into Infinyon Cloud with Oauth2 or username/password

    fluvio-cloud login [OPTIONS]

        --email <EMAIL>          Infinyon Cloud email to use for logging in
    -h, --help                   Print help information
        --password <PASSWORD>    Password to use when logging in (not recommended)
        --profile <PROFILE>      The name of the Profile to save
        --use-oauth2             Authenticate using OAuth 2.0 Device Code Flow. CLI will try to
                                 launch a web browser to log in interactively. If a web browser is
                                 not available, CLI will print URL for device code login

After login, a CLI profile called cloud will be created and set as active. For more about profiles, see fluvio profile

$ fluvio profile list
    PROFILE    CLUSTER    ADDRESS                          TLS
 *  cloud      cloud      router.infinyon.cloud:9003      Verified



Email and password method

$ fluvio cloud login
InfinyOn Cloud email: example@infinyon.com
Password: <hidden>

OAuth2 method

$ fluvio cloud login --use-oauth2
A web browser has been opened at https://<OAUTH2_SERVER_DOMAIN>/activate?user_code=<CODE>.
Please proceed with authentication.