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SmartModule Development Kit (SMDK)

SmartModules Development Kit (SMDK) is an independent executable downloadable via Fluvio CLI to help developers build and test SmartModules, and publish them to the SmartModule Hub.

Currently, SMDK is limited to the Rust programming language. However, you can be a Rust beginner and still take advantage of custom SmartModules.


SMDK generator will prompt you to Install Rust on your system, add a Cargo target wasm32-unknown-unknown for compiling SmartModule Rust code into WebAssembly modules, and install cargo-generate for generating new Rust SmartModule projects.


SMDK - Operations

SMDK helps developers build, test in-line, load to local or cloud Cluster, then publish to SmartModule Hub.



  1. Install SMDK
  2. Generate a SmartModule
  3. Build and Test
  4. Load to your Cluster
  5. Publish to SmartModule Hub