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SmartModule Hub

SmartModule Hub, powered by InfinyOn Cloud, is a real-time apps store, where developers publish SmartModules, and users download and integrate them into their data pipelines.

Thie sections outlines core concepts of the SmartModule Hub.

If you want to skip ahead, checkout SmartModule Operations.


Unique Identifier

Each SmartModule in the Hub is uniquely identified by a group, name, version aggregate. For example, the following SmartModules is published by InfinyOn:


SmartModule developers must choose a group name before they are allowed to publish to the Hub. Checkout SMDK section for more information.



The Hub use cases are centered around two distinct personas: developers and users. Developers create, test, and upload SmartModules, whereas users search and download SmartModules for their data pipelines. This separation enables non-developer pipeline operators to benefit from SmartModules availabe on the SmartModule Hub.


Certified SmartModules

We built SmartModule Hub to democratize real-time application development. This mission mandates that anyone in the Fluvio community can upload SmartModules to the Hub. While we use advanced security techniques to guarantee ownership, and walled gardens to sandbox runtime functions, we cannot cannot guarantee the quality and intent of the community developed SmartModules.

Certified SmartModules alleviate this concern. A certified SmartModule ensures the SmartModule has been vetted by the InfinyOn team and deemed safe to use.

Currently only InfinyOn SmartModules are certified. We intend to roll-out a certification process that enables the community to certify their own SmartModules. Please reach out on Discord if you are interested in the SmartModule Certification program.


Private/Public SmartModules

SmartModules published to the Hub can be public or private. Public SmartModules are visible and downloadable by anyone, whereas private SmartModules are only visible to the owner.


SmartModule Operations

  • List SmartModules in the Hub
  • Download SmartModules from the Hub.