Install Fluvio on Kubernetes

Installing and uninstalling Fluvio on K8s is mostly handled by our Helm chart, however there are a few additional steps which require the CLI.



The kubernetes installation process requires two steps. Both are performed with the CLI.

First we need to install the “system” chart with sets up the Custom Resource Definitions. Fluvio uses CRDs for storing system state.

fluvio cluster start --sys

If installing in K8s environments other than minikube, you need to specify --cloud <cloud> option. Currently the only value supported is aws.



The CLI takes a --chart-values option which accepts a file path to a YAML file with values that are applied to the Fluvio Helm chart.

See other options by running

$ fluvio cluster start -h


Uninstallation must be performed using the following CLI commands

fluvio cluster delete --sys
fluvio cluster delete