Fluvio is a Cloud-native platform that was designed from the ground up to work with Kubernetes. While we expect Fluvio to run on any Kubernetes cluster, the setup instructions cover the following infrastructures:

The Fluvio repo provides setup scripts to provision each infrastructure.

Clone Fluvio Repo 

Open a terminal and clone the Fluvio repository from github:

$ git clone https://github.com/infinyon/fluvio.git

Navigate to fluvio root directory:

$ cd fluvio

The setup scripts are located in the k8_util directory:

$ ls
Cargo.lock		future-helper		metadata
Cargo.toml		future-helper-03	rust-toolchain
DEVELOPER.md	k8-client		    rustfmt.toml
LICENSE			k8-config		    sc-server
Makefile		k8-diff			    spu-server
README.md		k8-metadata		    storage
api			    k8-util			    test-helper
cli			    kf-protocol		    types
dev-tools		kf-service		    utils
future-aio		kf-socket

To continue setup, choose one of the following instructions:

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