Fluvio Cloud

Fluvio Cloud is a fully managed Fluvio Open Source provisioned and maintained by InfinyOn team.

Please use the following channels for issues and recommendation:

For step-by-step instruction, checkout Getting Started with Fluvio Cloud.

Fluvio Cloud 

Each cloud account receives a dedicated Fluvio Open Source installation provisioned with 1 x Streaming Controller (SC) and 1 x Streaming Processing Units (SPU).

Fluvio Cloud

Getting Started provides a step-by-step guide on how to create a Fluvio Cloud account and stream “Hello World”.

Data Streaming to Cloud 

There are currently three interfaces to stream real-time data to Fluvio Cloud:

All clients require a Profile to stream data to and from a Fluvio cluster. The profile contains the authorization and access information the client uses to register and communicate with a cluster. All data between clients and Fluvio Cloud is encrypted in TLS.

The profile is generated during cluster setup and it is available for download in your Fluvio Cloud Dashboard account.


When the 1GB storage limit is reached, older data is purged to make room for new data.


Cloud environment does not allow changes to the number of SPUs.

Later versions will provide the ability to control storage and SPU configurations.