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The Kafka Connector is quite simple. It will send every record on a kafka topic/partition to a fluvio topic/partition.


Configuration Options

# kafka-source-connector.yml
name: my-kafka-source
type: kafka-source
topic: fluvio-output-topic
  kafka-url: "localhost:9092" # or something
  kafka-topic: kafka-input-topic
  • kakfa-url is required
  • kafka-topic is optional and will default to the top level topic which is the topic used on the fluvio side of things.
  • kafka-partition is option and will default to 0 unless specified.

This configuration file is used together with the fluvio connector create command, like so:

$ fluvio connector create --config=./kafka-source-connector.yml

Data Events

Events are sent to fluvio as raw bytes. The record are sent along to fluvio as well.