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The Dynamodb Sink Connector is a sink connector which reads events from a fluvio topic, deserializes them as json and inserts those key value pairs based on the columns in the config.


Configuration Options

# dynamodb-connector.yml
version: 0.2.0
name: dynamodb-connector
type: dynamodb-sink
topic: dynamodb-test
create_topic: true
  table-name: dynamodb-test
  column-names: col_1,col_2,col_3
  column-types: N,N,S
  AWS_REGION: "us-west-2"


  • table-name - The name of the dynamodb table name
  • column-names - A comma separated list of the keys. The first key is the partition key
  • column-types - A comma separated list of the attribute types of the keys. These are N for number, S for String, and B for Binary.

These keys are used for table creation. The incoming json is converted to the Dynamodb data types on insert.



This configuration file is used together with the fluvio connector create command, like so:

$ fluvio connector create --config=./dynamodb-connector.yml

Data Events

Input events are assumed to be JSON. If the data is not JSON deserializable, the record is ignored.