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Some Fluvio CLI commands are distributed as separate executables that we call “extensions”. This command installs and updates extensions by name, placing them in the ~/.fluvio/extensions/ directory.


fluvio install

Install Fluvio plugins

Usage: fluvio install [OPTIONS] <PACKAGE>

  <PACKAGE>  The ID of a package to install, e.g. "fluvio/fluvio-cloud"

      --develop  Install the latest prerelease rather than the latest release
  -h, --help     Print help information (use `--help` for more detail)

Example usage:

$ fluvio install fluvio/fluvio-cloud
🎣 Fetching latest version for package: fluvio/fluvio-cloud...
⏳ Downloading package with latest version: fluvio/fluvio-cloud:x.y.z...
🔑 Downloaded and verified package file